The “Shalom From Israel Judaica Company” produces useful Jewish products, amulets and ritual articles and has been specializing in Jewish crating for the past 20 years.

Over the years the company’s products have created a buzz and have been privileged to be part of Jewish awareness in all of our people’s diversified sectors and locations throughout the world. The amulets and cards adorn the walls of many homes, for the company specializes in artistic design and miniature ornaments that have acquired a noble and artistic dimension. Notable examples include the beautifully designed “blessing of the home” that’s prominently displayed at the home’s entrance or the “Song of Ascents” card that’s clipped on to the child’s stroller. The company’s products are uniquely designed with an artistic flare from their moment of creation until they are produced and sold to satisfied customers.

The “Shalom From Israel Judaica” presents an array of products that are divided into categories.

My Zohar

Kerem chabad

Charms and amulets


 The holy “Zohar” has been reduced to 1/3000 of its original size and has been placed on microfilm.  A new promotion – jewelry with microfilm will be coming soon.

  Specializing in the production of products for the Chabad community, Chabad admirers and people that have become observant through Chabad……  

 A supply of cards for safekeeping and protection as well as a beautiful album that has a number of amulets, referred to as the “Treasure of Remedies”. 

Gifts – A dedication can be made with the company’s products with a personal touch for events and happy occasions while making a large order.


Real blessing cards from  Jerusalem







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